National Osteology Group UK

The National Osteology Group UK is a new online-based education initiative by the Osteology Foundation starting in December 2020. It aims to provide education on oral regeneration therapies, as well as to be a platform for the exchange of information and discussions.

Online Programme

In the coming months the following topics will be addressed in the group: 

  • Mucogingival surgery
  • Management of the complex case
  • Maxillary sinus grafting
  • Periodontal regeneration
  • Ridge preservation

A webinar is planned for each of the topics with renowned experts and further content will be added continuously. All webinars remain available as recordings on THE BOX afterwards.


Furthermore, members of the National Osteology Group UK will have the possibility to connect online with colleagues, to share and comment cases, discuss literature, and ask questions to experts and the community.

Join the National Osteology Group UK

Create your free account on THE BOX and join the group now!

Training, refresher courses and discussions with experts are essential for the dental profession, especially at this exceptional time when many congresses and events have been cancelled worldwide. In light of this situation, the Osteology Foundation will support you with all its online resources for free.

Leadership Team

The National Osteology Group UK is steered by a team of experts from the UK. They are responsible for the programme and moderate and lead all online activities.