Oral Regeneration Topic

The Osteology Foundation selects a new Oral Regeneration Topic every six months. For each topic, a Webinar with an internationally renowned speaker is organised, an interview with the author of a Key Publication in this field is conducted, and a Scientific Radar is published featuring the most relevant publications on this topic. 

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Current Oral Regeneration Topic: Sinus Augmentation


Watch the recording of the great webinar with Pablo Galindo-Moreno moderated by Eik Schiegnitz. Hear all about his approach to the Sinus Augmentation. You can also still collect your CE Credits if you watch the recording on THE BOX.


Key Publication

Nikolaos Tatarakis, Greece, will be in conversation with Bjarni Pjetursson, Iceland, first author of the following key publication: 

Bjarni E Pjetursson, Wah Ching Tan, Marcel Zwahlen, Niklaus P Lang: A systematic review of the success of sinus floor elevation and survival of implants inserted in combination with sinus floor elevation. 

J Clin Periodontol, 2008 Sep;35(8 Suppl):216-40.

The interview is now availabe on THE BOX, see links below.

Scientific Radar

A list of the most relevant publications on the current topic, compiled by Pablo Galindo-Moreno, with comments on why he considers them relevant.


Past Topics

Ridge Preservation

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