Osteology Research Academy

Research drives advances in science.

To enhance the quality of research and create a unique scientific network, the Osteology Foundation runs intensive courses (Osteology Research Academy) in different locations worldwide.

Most courses address and expand on the core competencies in research design and methodology (Ann Arbor/Boston, Beijing, Hong Kong, Lucerne, Rio de Janeiro).

Additionally, two focussed courses on Hard Tissue Research (Vienna and Bern), as well as one course on Interface Biology and Ultrastructure (Gothenburg, biannual), are offered.

Osteology Research Academy courses 2023

Lucerne 4-6 September 2023 (TBC)
Boston 19-21 September 2023 (TBC)
Beijing 13-15 October (TBC)
Bern 28-29 November (TBC)

Who can participate?

The Osteology Research Academies are open to all researchers or clinicians involved in dental research, specifically in the field of oral tissue regeneration.


To secure one of the limited places available at your preferred location, please log in onto THE BOX and register today for one of the available courses:

Osteology Education Grants are offered throughout the year to support postgraduate education in the field of oral tissue regeneration. Grant recipients are entitled to participate free of charge at the chosen Osteology Research Academy.
For more information about the Osteology Education Grants:


Impressions from previous Osteology Research Academy courses