Core Module Hong Kong

3-6 July 2017
The University of Hong Kong, Faculty of Dentistry in collaboration with the Osteology Foundation

Good Research Practice and Essentials of Research Methodology

The Core Module in Hong Kong is a one-week intensive course providing a comprehensive view on most of the aspects of pre-clinical and clinical studies required by young researchers for their daily work. The learning objectives of the course are:


  • Fundamentals of research in dental medicine
  • The process from posing of a scientific question to generating the answer
  • Selection of the suitable in-vitro, pre-clinical or clinical research approach
  • Selection of the appropriate analytical tools for data acquisition
  • Planning of a pre-clinical or clinical study within a research group using international networks
  • Analysis and critical interpretation of acquired data
  • Effective communication of findings and knowledge
  • E-learning lectures to prepare for the course