Expert Module Bern   

6-8 November 2017

Hard Tissue Research


The Expert Module will be hosted for the first time at the University of Bern. The in-house expert clinicians Prof. Daniel Buser, Prof. Anton Sculean und Dr. Simone Janner will provide information and “tips and tricks” that bridge the gap between translational and clinical research. Moreover, the instructors will provide insights into how to include hard-tissue technologies to answer today’s clinical question in oral tissue regeneration.

The Expert Module Bern includes presentations as well as laboratory sections and extensive time to discuss own research and learn from the experts in the field of hard tissue research.

Expert Module represents an opportunity for those interested in histological techniques to go into more detail and learn the most important techniques from experienced scientists.

The three-day course provides in-depth background information on:

  • Bone anatomy
  • Bone physiology
  • Bone pathohistology
  • Histological techniques
  • Histomorphometry and microCT

Special features include:

  • Extensive hands-on training in histology, histomorphometry and microCT - in small-size classes of three participants
  • Workshop on bone histology using virtual microscopy technique
  • Workshop on biomaterials in hard tissue histology using virtual microscopy technique
  • Casual atmosphere and networking events

 Attendance of the Core Module is not a prerequisite for participation in the Expert Module.