Executive Director hands over leadership

The Executive Director of the Osteology Foundation, Kay Horsch, hands over the lead of the Osteology Office per 31 January 2017. Ad interim, Kristian Tersar will take over his position until a permanent replacement has been recruited.

Kay Horsch has served as Executive Director of the Osteology Foundation for more than 10 years, and he has significantly contributed to its development during this time. Upon announcement of his resignation he said: “I am really sad to leave the Osteology Foundation. I have always enjoyed my work for the foundation and I am proud to see how it has grown and developed during this time. The foundation is in a great shape and in good hands. Now is a good time to hand over the wheel and take on an exciting new opportunity.”

Kay Horsch did not announce yet where his future professional career will take him, but he explained: “I will not leave the field of tissue regeneration, where I have received an opportunity to build up something new. It will be a very exciting challenge but it is still too early to announce any further details. What I can say is, that personally I will always be linked to the Osteology Foundation and everybody behind it.”

Kristian Tersar, Senior Science and Education Manager of the Osteology Foundation, will take over the responsibilities of Kay Horsch until a permanent replacement has been recruited. He already served as Deputy Executive Director in the past years.

Mariano Sanz, President of the Osteology Foundation, said: “We regret to lose Kay Horsch as Executive Director of the foundation. He has done a tremendous job over the past years leading the Osteology Office. We will certainly miss him, and we wish him all the best and success for his future career. We are now looking for a candidate to fill his position, and in the meantime we are convinced that Kristian Tersar will do a great job as Executive Director ad interim.”