Professor Neukam's programme highlights for Monaco 2016

The preservation of teeth is one of the most important topics for Professor Friedrich W. Neukam at the International Osteology Symposium 2016. We spoke to him in his role as the symposium's chairman on what this implies exactly and what the other important questions are which will be dealt with in Monaco in April 2016.


Professor Neukam, the scientific programme of the International Osteology Symposium 2016 in Monaco will be held under the motto "Learning  the WHY and HOW in regenerative therapy". What are the contents that bring this motto to life?

Friedrich Neukam: in our daily practice routines we need to examine all our procedures which we have applied for years - and quite successfully as we believe. The reason being, that our knowledge has changed rapidly within the space of only a few years. That is also one of the objectives of the Osteology Symposium in Monaco 2016: we want to question things and want to give dental practitioners a bench mark by reviewing known techniques in regenerative therapy, while at the same time posing the question of what is the protocol most suited to achieve a predictable treatment objective. Of course, a further objective is to present the current state of knowledge and the latest research results in the regeneration of oral tissue, to discuss these and to demonstrate their clinical implementation for dental practitioners.

The programme covers a broad spectrum of topics in oral regeneration. Which are the most important for you?

Friedrich Neukam: the long-term success of regenerative measures, be it to preserve teeth or for implants in healthy oral hard and soft tissue conditions. "Teeth for a lifetime" is a very important subject for me, to achieve the dream of preserving teeth for a lifetime if at all possible, and, of course, this also applies to implants. What are the options that techniques for bone regeneration and soft tissue regeneration offer us here in the various indications, be it in the posterior or the anterior regions - while ensuring a long-term aesthetic outcome. Of particular importance to me, is the question of which decision and treatment avenues we follow if extraction of a tooth proves necessary. Because then there are a number of options available.

We need to consider the various treatment options, which is why I am looking forward to the interactive discussion on "Decision making after tooth extraction". The discussion round includes experts with many years of clinical experience who will be presenting the use of regenerative techniques for preserving hard and soft tissues.

You have just mentioned the topic “Teeth for a lifetime". What exactly are the questions relating to this part of the programme?

Friedrich Neukam: Well, as already mentioned briefly, I believe it is the wish of everyone to keep their teeth for a lifetime if possible. For me, the questions of periodontal treatment and regenerative therapy options are at the forefront here. However, what I truly look forward to, is how the "HOW" will be presented. For me this also means that one must receive clear information on when these measures are not effective, and I think that a crucial question will be answered: which is, when do we need to extract teeth in order to enable other treatment, such as regenerative techniques but also implant restorations in the local tissues.

A major poster exhibition will also be held as part of the Osteology Monaco event, together with the Research Forum where current research results will be presented. What, in your opinion, are the most important topics which have so far been covered in research?

Friedrich Neukam: if we look at the regenerative options available today, then pre-clinical research results, and of course, also clinical studies, relating to bone preservation after tooth extraction as well as the preservation and reconstruction of the soft tissue are of prime importance to me as they have a major influence on our clinical treatment modalities.

If your colleagues ask you why they should participate in next year's Osteology Monaco, what would you tell them?

Friedrich Neukam: first of all I would not focus on the casino in Monaco, but rather I believe, that the Osteology Foundation and the international Osteology Symposium in Monaco have become the standard - a standard worldwide for regenerative measures in the oral cavity. This is where experts from across the globe meet to take positions on current topics, research results as well as clinical questions. In other words, this is a highly attractive forum with a programme which is also devoted to entirely practical aspects, namely, the "WHY" and the "HOW" in regenerative therapy.

Thank you for the interview Professor Neukam.


Interview: Dr Heike Fania


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