Friday, 10 November 2017

On the occasion of the ÖGI Congress from 10-11 November 2017 in Graz, Austria, the Osteology Foundation has the opportunity to organise two hands-on workshops and two sessions focusing on the "Next Generation".

Hands-on workshops

09.00–12.00Tips, tricks and pitfalls in vertical ridge Augmentation
I.Rocchietta, Italy
09.00–12.00Modern hard- and soft tissue management before and during implant Placement
R. Jung, Switzerland

"Next Generation" Sessions

Session 1Major bone augmentation procedures
13.15–13.45Biological properties of autogenous tissue transplants
R. Gruber
13.45-14.15Autogenous bone transplants for the reconstruction of severe bone defects
N. Jakse
14.15-14.45Treatment of complex cases with GBR to minimise the use of autogenous bone
I. Rocchietta
14.45-15.15How would I treat a “major bone augmentation” case?
Interactive session & discussion
ÖGI Next Generation discusses with R. Gruber, N. Jakse & I. Rocchietta
15.15-15.45Coffee break

Session 2Treatment concepts for the esthetic region
15.45-16.15The next level of hard- and soft-tissue Treatment
R. Jung
16.15-16.45Soft tissue management with autogenous transplants in the esthetic Zone
M. Müller
16.45-17.15Esthetic Zone – what can the prosthodontist do?
R. Führhauser
17.15-17.45How would I treat a case in the “esthetic region”?
Interactive session & discussion
ÖGI Next Generation discusses with R. Jung, M. Müller, R. Führhauser


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