Osteology @ Ramfjord Symposium 2018

On the  occasion of the 12th Ramfjord Symposium from 14-16 June 2018 in Ann Arbor, USA, the Osteology Foundation has the opportunity to organise an Osteology Workshop and an Presentation with Prof. Daniel Buser. 

Thursday 14 June 2018
Osteology Workshop


Digital Planning for Implant Therapy & Advances in Bone Grafting
Daniel Buser, Switzerland

Friday 15 June 2018


Digital Technology in the Field of Implant Surgery of Partially Edentulous Patients – How Far are we in Daily Practice
Daniel Buser, Switzerland

10.00-10.30Coffee break
10.30-12.00Digital Revolution in Periodontal & Implant Treatment
Dr. George Mandelaris
13.30-15.00What’s New in Dental Laser Therapy?
 Dr. Akira Aoki
15.00-15.30Coffee break
15.30-17.00Advances in Immediate Implant Placement & Temporization
 Dr. Homa Zadeh
18.00-19.30 Reception at Michigan Golf Course