National Osteology Symposia

The National Osteology Symposia are staged worldwide in various countries. With an attractive mix of scientific presentations and practical workshops, the National Osteology Symposia offer an excellent platform for high-level training and education of dentists.


Next National Osteology Symposia


Osteology São Paulo, Brazil 9-10 August 2018
Osteology Turin, Italy 27-29 September 2018
Osteology Paris, France 18-20 October 2018


Previous National Osteology Symposia


Osteology Frankfurt, Germany390 participants
Osteology London, UK140 participants
Osteology Phoenix, USA355 participantsReport & pictures
Osteology Zürich, Switzerland240 participantsReport & pictures


Osteology Moscow, Russia540 participants
Osteology Shanghai, China1'900 participantsReport & pictures
Osteology Tokyo, Japan410 participantsReport & pictures
Osteology Australasia, Melbourne, Australia300 participantsReport & pictures
Osteology Barcelona, Spain280 participantsReport & pictures             


Osteology Eastern Europe, Kiev, Ukraine330 participantsReport & pictures
Osteology São Paulo, Brazil600 participantsReport & pictures


Osteology Baden-Baden, Germany300 participantsReport & pictures
Osteology Florence, Italy1'200 participantsReport & pictures


Osteology Moscow, Russia 500 participants Report & pictures
Osteology Shanghai, China 1'200 participantsReport & pictures 
Osteology Cartagena, Colombia 400 participants Report 
Osteology Tokyo, Japan 450 participants Report & pictures


Osteology Zurich, Switzerland 300 participants Reports 
Osteology Bonn, Germany 350 participants Reports
Osteology Warsaw, Poland 250 participants Reports
Osteology Rimini, Italy 1'000 participants Reports
Osteology Philadelphia, USA 400 participants
Osteology Xi'an, China 800 participants
Osteology London, UK 150 participants
Osteology São Paulo, Brazil 350 participants


Osteology Hong Kong 280 participants


Osteology Paris, France 500 participants
Osteology London, UK 300 participants
Osteology São Paulo, Brazil 400 participants
Osteology Cracow, Poland 450 participants Reports
Osteology Baden-Baden, Germany 600 participants Reports
Osteology Lucerne, Switzerland 350 participants Reports


Osteology Rome, Italy 1'300 participants
Osteology Valencia, Spain 400 participants


Osteology Buenos Aires, Argentina 850 participants
Osteology Baden-Baden, Germany 618 participants
Osteology Cracow, Poland 550 participants
Osteology Zurich, Switzerland 450 participants


Osteology Boston, USA 600 participants


Osteology Vienna, Austria 250 participants
Osteology Brussels, Belgium 210 participants
Osteology Baden-Baden, Germany 620 participants
Osteology Turin, Italy 1'200 participants
Osteology Warsaw, Poland 350 participants


Osteology Moscow, Russia 300 participants