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The Osteology Foundation selects a new Oral Regeneration Topic every six months. For each topic, a Webinar with an internationally renowned speaker is organised, an interview with the author of a Key Publication in this field is conducted, and a Scientific Radar is published featuring the most relevant publications on this topic. 

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Current Topic: Guided Bone Regeneration


14 October 2019, 18:30 EST (UTC -5)

Nikolaos Donos, UK: Guided Bone Regeneration

Moderator: Ignacio Sanz Martin, Spain 


Call for Questions: 

Questions can be submitted in advance, and a selection of them will be discussed live in the Q&A session after the webinar. Questions can also be asked live during the webinar.

Please note: Webinar attendance will be limited to a maximum number of 100 participants. First come, first serve. Therefore, make sure you log in on time.

If you cannot attend the webinar, don't worry: a recording will be made available after the event. But you will miss the opportunity to join the online live discussion with the webinar speaker.

Key Publication

Christer Dahlin, Sweden, first author of the following key publication: 

Generation of new bone around titanium implants using a membrane technique: an experimental study in rabbits. 
Dahlin C, Sennerby L, Lekholm U, Linde A, Nyman S.  
Int J Oral Maxillofac Implants. 1989 Spring;4(1):19-25. 


He will discuss the publication itself, its implications and the current perspective on it. 

The interview will be published in October.

Scientific Radar

A list of the most relevant publications on the current topic will be compiled by Nikolaos Donos, UK, with comments on why he considers them relevant, available on 14 October 2019.


Past Topics

Ridge Preservation

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Upcoming Topics

  •  OR Topic 1/2020: Peri-Implantitis

  • OR Topic 2/2020: Periodontal Regeneration

More details to follow.