Osteology Practical Academy

As an extension to our existing Osteology Research Academy courses, which provide knowledge and skills to empower the attendees to design and conduct their own research project in oral tissue regeneration, the Osteology Foundation has started to link these methodological aspects to applied clinical research with a new continuing education format called Osteology Practical Academy.

Osteology Practical Academy courses are hands-on or video workshops that focus on clinical knowledge transfer from experienced clinicians and researchers to general practitioners, post-graduate students, residents or faculty members, or in general to those who are interested in deepening their expertise on regenerative therapies in oral medicine.


Osteology Practical Academy courses 2018

Beijing, China 20 November 2018
Shanghai, China 21 November 2018
Xi'an, China 22 November 2018
Porto Alegre, Brazil 28 November 2018