Osteology Practical Academy Shanghai

21 November 2018

13:00 - 17:30
Marriot Shanghai City Center, Shanghai

Video workshop on "Bone Augmentation Procedures in Implant Patients: How to do Step-By Step"

Instructor: Daniel Buser


Bone augmentation is daily routine in implant patients, since roughly 60% of implants are inserted with a bone augmentation procedure, either simultaneously with implant placement or prior to implant placement with a staged approach (Bruegger et al. 2015). The two best documented bone augmentation procedures are (a) Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR) utilizing a 2-layer composite graft combined with a collagen membrane, and (b) Sinus Floor Elevation (SFE) using most often a lateral window technique, and clearly less frequently the transalveolar Osteotome technique.

This 1/2-day video workshop will present both surgical procedures with surgical video clips in various clinical situations, to document the step-by-step procedures of the GBR and SFE techniques, incl. the decision criteria when to use a simultaneous and when a staged approach. In addition, the preferred utilization of autogenous bone chips (ABC) combined with deproteinized bovine bone mineral (DBBM) particles will be presented incl. their synergistic characteristics. This includes on the one hand the osteogenic properties of ABC offering faster bone formation, and hence, shorter healing periods. On the other hand, the well documented low-substitution rate of DBBM offering a good volume stability of augmented bone over time.

All different surgical techniques will be presented with video clips in various clinical situations. They are also documented with long-term results based on various 10-year studies performed at the University of Bern.

Learning objectives


  Learn to understand the decision criteria, when to use a simultaneous GBR procedure, and when a staged approach


  Understand the synergistic properties of composite grafts using autogenous bone chips and DBBM


  Know the surgical details such as incision technique, flap management, graft and membrane application and primary wound closure


Registration Fee: 50 USD

Registration will be handled through our local organiser. Please contact benjamin.mueller@osteology.org

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