Research Academy Boston

in collaboration with the Harvard School of Dental Medicine


4-7 October 2021

Research Design and Methodology

The Osteology Research Academy brings together leading scientists to share their expertise. Only a few such opportunities are provided in the area of dental and craniofacial research. Don't miss the chance to join this course!  

The course in Boston is a 3.5-day intensive course providing a comprehensive view on most of the aspects of pre-clinical and clinical studies required by young researchers for their daily work.

General learning objectives:

  • Understand the biological and clinical principles of oral and maxillofacial reconstruction including dental implant osseointegration or hard and soft tissue regeneration
  • Describe how newly developed technologies can be transfer from early-stage development through phase 1-4 human clinical trials into clinical practice
  • Select appropriate research designs and methods to answer research questions related to the oral microbiome, bone immunology and bone metabolism
  • Demonstrate an understanding of clinical imaging and histological techniques by selecting appropriate modalities to assess hard and soft tissue regeneration
  • Select the right statistical test for their research projects
  • Develop a clinical research project
  • Understand the set-up and identify the key elements needed in publication and grant writing processes

Special features include:

  • Classroom sessions with leading experts
  • Case studies and exercises in teams
  • Highly interactive classes
  • Casual atmosphere, social events
  • E-learning lectures to prepare for the course