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Previous Collaborations


SOBRAPE Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2-4 May 2019 Report
Urban Regeneration Symposium Budapest, Hungary 18-19 October 2019 Report 
AAP Chicago, USA 2 November 2019 Report
DGI Hamburg, Germany 28-30 November 2019     


KAOMI Seoul, South Korea 10-11 March 2018 Report
SEPA Seville, Spain 13 April 2018  
Ramfjord Symposium Ann Arbor, USA 14-16 June 2018    Report

EFP Osteology Consensus Meeting

11-13 November 2018  
SAP Buenos Aires, Argentina 16 November 2018  
DGI Wiesbaden, Germany 01 December 2018  


CONBRAPE, São Paulo, Brazil20 April 2017    Report
3D International Conference Mainz, Germany20 May 2017
SEPA Malaga, Spain25 May 2017
AAP Boston, USA9 September 2017Report
ÖGI Graz, Austria10 November 2017Report
FIPP Congress Santiago, Chile17 November 2017
DGI Dusseldorf, Germany2 November 2017


SEPA Valencia, Spain12-14 May 2016Report
Ramsfjord Symposium Ann-Arbor, USA2-4 Juni 2016
ACPO Congress Cartagena, Colombia24-27 August 2016
DGI Congress Hamburg, Germany26 November 2016Report


AAP/AAPF & Osteology Foundation Symposium Orlando, USA14 November 2015      Report


Consensus Workshop of the AAP supported by the Osteology Foundation in San Francisco, USA19-22 September 2014


2nd European Workshop on Dental Education in Collaboration with the ADEE in Budapest, Hungary13-15 June 2013
10th European Workshop on Periodontology in collaboration with the EFP in Segovia, Spain
9-12 November 2013