Osteology Research Academy

Research drives advances in science. This is why the Osteology Foundation is committed to running an intensive course on good scientific practice and research methodology: Two kind of courses are offered: a Core Module and an Expert Module.


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Impressions from previous Osteology Research Academy courses

Previous Osteology Research Academy courses


Expert Module, Vienna, Austria13 participants
Core Module, Boston, USA27 participants
Core Module, Lucerne, Switzerland29 participantsReport & pictures


Core Module, Lucerne, Switzerland26 participantsReport & pictures
Expert Module, Kiel, Germany12 participantsReport & pictures


Core Module, Lucerne, Switzerland 30 participants
Core Module, Boston, USA 36 participants 
Expert Module, Kiel, Germany 12 participants


Core Module, Lucerne, Switzerland 16 participants
Expert Module, Kiel, Germany 4 participants


Core Module, Lucerne, Switzerland 17 participants


Core Module, Lucerne, Switzerland

26 participants