Osteology Researcher Grants

Funding research into all aspects of oral tissue regeneration is a core task of the Osteology Foundation. Studies are the engine of development. The Osteology Foundation provides funding for studies all over the world.

Clinicians and scientists can apply twice a year for research grants for their projects. From 2014 on, the Osteology Foundation offers, besides its established Osteology Advanced Researcher Grants, a special grant programme for young researchers. The Osteology Young Researcher Grants support researchers in realising their own research project and promoting their research career.

There are two stages in the application process.

Stage 1

Applicants can submit an abstract of their proposed project by 15 June and 1 December. The Science Committee of the Osteology Foundation selects projects which then progress to the second stage.

Stage 2

Applicants are invited to submit their full application. On average, one third of all applicants from the first stage are given this opportunity. The submissions are then evaluated for potential funding by the Science Committee of the Osteology Foundation.

Study types and topics

The Osteology Foundation funds clinical, pre-clinical and in vitro studies. Research topics falling within the scope of the Osteology Foundation are:

  • Bone and soft tissue biology: clinical aspects
  • Local factors affecting oral tissue regeneration
  • Systemic diseases with an impact on oral tissue regeneration
  • Novel bone and soft tissue substitute materials 
  • Pharmacological aspects of oral tissue regeneration
  • Inflammatory conditions, e.g. periodontitis, peri-implantitis

Hector F. Rios about Osteology Researcher Grants