First Board Meeting in new composition

On 13 June 2017 the Osteology Foundation Board has met for the first time in its new composition with its two new Board Members, Nikolaos Donos and Ronald E. Jung. They replace the resigning members, Daniel Buser and Christoph Hämmerle, whose term of office ended on 31 May 2017.

During the Foundation Board Meetings, which take place twice a year, the Foundation Board and its committees evaluate ongoing and new projects, and discusses the overall strategic development and the use of its resources for the coming years.



The Osteology Foundation Board 2017

Paul Note, Istvan Urban, Ronald E. Jung, Christer Dahlin, Mariano Sanz (President), William V. Giannobile, Pamela K. McClain, Franck Renouard, Frank Schwarz, Maurício Araújo, Nikolaos Donos, Reinhard Gruber (from left to right)