New website of the Osteology Foundation: quality and professionalism online!

Live since 20th August: the new website of the Osteology Foundation goes online. Clearer navigation and a more attractive design now make it easier to find all the information about the Foundation and its activities – a modern Internet presence, which reflects the worldwide recognised role of the Osteology Foundation in regenerative dentistry.

Be it information on research supported by the Osteology Foundation, the latest information on worldwide symposia or the popular Research Academy, where young scientists are introduced to scientific procedures – the modern and fresh design of the site, together with easy navigation which enables finding all important contents immediately, now presents the diverse offers and activities of the Foundation far more user-friendly.

The new websites of the Osteology Foundation are also optimised for display on smartphones and tablets, giving iPhone & Co. users easy navigation and good readability of all information on their travels.

"Quality and professionalism have always been important to us"
Professor Christoph Hämmerle, President of the Osteology Foundation, explains: "The new and more professional Internet presence reflects the development of the Osteology Foundation, which has grown continuously over the past years and has extended its activities. It has become a worldwide recognised institution in regenerative dentistry. Quality and professionalism have always been important to us. The new Internet presence reflects this role of the Foundation."

"We want to continue with further education as well as with supporting research," adds Prof. Hämmerle. "It is important for us to reach more and more people with our message, also outside our events and our sponsorship programme – and the digital media are playing an increasingly important role here."

Linking Science with Practice – also online
"The future lies with digital media“, adds Dr. Kay Horsch, Executive Director of the Osteology Foundation. "We are currently involved in expanding our activities further in this field and to make our existing offers even more attractive by linking them to the online world. In parallel, we are working on projects for the future which offer entirely new opportunities due to digital media, Linking Science with Practice in regenerative dentistry, true to our motto. And all this for the benefit of the patients, who in the end will benefit from supporting research and advancement in dentistry."

And what do you think? Check out our new websites now, and send us your comments!