Private Network Groups on THE BOX

For practitioners wishing to share and discuss cases with colleagues in a closed group, there is now a new option available on the Osteology Foundation's online platform THE BOX, the "Private Network Group".


THE BOX is an online platform of the Osteology Foundation, which provides contents and tools for dentists active in the field of Oral Regeneration. In addition it offers the opportunity for exchanging experiences as well as discussions in small groups.

In "Private Network Groups" practitioners can share cases and information with peers. To participate, all members of such a Network Group must be registered on THE BOX. Cases which were documented with the CASE BOX can be shared in this group. This allows discussions in a small forum as well the sharing documents and videos. 

Such a group is set up as follows:

First the user must set up a new network in My BOX / My Contacts using the My Networks tab.

Any number of users can now be added to the network from his/her contacts. However, these must have accepted the contact invitation beforehand. Users can be added via this icon: 

The user can then request a group for this network. To do this, click on the following icon:

Notes on the function of the button / icons are also always displayed when moving the cursor over the button (mouse over). 

Please fill in the form as completely and correctly as possible. Subsequent changes are difficult. Please already select all the functions which should be available to the group here. 

The Osteology Foundation will check the application as quickly as possible and activate the group. This normally happens within 24 hours.

When logging in again, the following menu item is displayed.

It leads to a special area where the settings for the group can be installed, for example, whether the members are allowed to add further contacts to the group or whether they can upload documents themselves.

Furthermore, the categories of documents to be available must be installed here. Otherwise an upload of documents is not possible (for example, presentations, publications, instructions, agenda....)

From here it is also possible to upload photos and change the group picture. 

The Network Group itself can be found under My Groups / Private Network Groups.

In order to share cases, the case must first be uploaded to the CASE BOX and then the network can be selected in the case’s settings.


All own cases can be found under My BOX / My Practice.