Osteology Research Scholarship Centre - Bern

The core expertise of the centre includes clinical and preclinical research. The clinical research is directed by Prof. A. Sculean, Director of the Department of Periodontology, whereas the preclinical research is under the leadership of Prof. D. Bosshardt, Head of the Robert K. Schenk Laboratory of Oral Histology. Both persons have a long history of research experience and a great track record of research and publications. Prof. A. Sculean is an internationally recognized expert in periodontal regeneration and recession coverage and has extensively published data from clinical and preclinical studies. Prof. D. Bosshardt is an internationally well-known histology expert and has published in various fields, particularly in periodontal regeneration, bone healing and implant dentistry. He did learn histological techniques from scratch and applied them extensively for the sake of advancing dental research. Alone or together with his team, he has built up three new histology labs (one in Basel and two in Bern).

Research Team
The research team of the Department of Periodontology consists of the Director Prof. A. Sculean, three full – time staff members, five Post-Graduates, one post-doc and one full-time Secretary. The research team of the Robert K. Schenk Laboratory of Oral Histology consists of the Lab Head Prof. D. Bosshardt, three lab technicians, and Dr. Jordi Caballé-Serrano, an external clinician involved in preclinical research.

Research Focus
The research focuses on soft and hard tissue augmentation, wound healing, and regeneration, in particular periodontal regeneration. Experiments aimed at testing new biomaterials, biologics, and new surgical techniques have priority.


Contact & Name Osteology Scholarship Mentor

Anton Sculean
Department of Periodontology
School of Dental Medicine
University of Bern
Freiburgstrasse 7
Bern, Switzerland
phone +41 31 632 25 77