Osteology Research Scholarship Centre - Berne

The Dental School at the University of Bern, Switzerland, hosting the Osteology Research Scholarship Programme, is actively seeking a research scholar to join the Laboratory of Oral Cell Biology as part of the department of Oral Surgery to pursue novel research projects in Switzerland.
The chairman, Prof. Daniel Buser, is in pursuit of scholars interested in conducting in vitro research pertaining to implant surfaces, bone grafting materials, bioactive growth factors as well as effects of bone conditioned medium in conjunction with guided bone regeneration.
Osteology Research scholars will be required to stay for a minimum of 1 year and dedicate the majority of their time to research activities.  Candidates with a strong background in cell biology are encouraged to apply for this research scholarship and a preference will be given to scholars who have already displayed a strong track record through previous publications in the field. Furthermore, applicants seeking an academic career in dentistry are strongly encouraged to apply.

Contact & Name Osteology Scholarship Mentor

Daniel Buser
Department of Oral Surgery and Somatology
University of Bern, Dental School
Freiburgstrasse 7
Bern, Switzerland
phone +41 31 632 25 55