Osteology Research Scholarship Centre - Gothenburg

The Department of Biomaterials is part of the Sahlgrenska Academy, Institute for Clinical Sciences at University of Gothenburg. Basic research at the Deparment of Biomaterials have opened the way for several successful pharmaceuticals and medical devices, including the osseointegrated oral titanium implants (Professor P-I Brånemark, founder of the Department of Biomaterials). Hence, the biomaterials research area has a strong tradition and University of Gothenburg has recently been highlighted as the No 1 University globally in the field of osseointegration. The biomaterials research spans from materials across pre-clinical to clinical fields, particularly related to the dental, orthopaedic and cardiovascular application areas. Department of Biomaterials and Experimental Biomedicine have major assets for experimental (animal) research, having one of the most modern facilities in Northern Europe.

Fields of Research and Research Environment

Research is carried out in various fields with focus on the musculo-skeletal system. Our approach is truly interdisciplinary, spanning from atomic scale  synthesis and characterization of materials, via molecular and cell biology, to the clinical disciplines. For historic reasons we have a strong interaction with the dental field as well as the orthopedic field. Approximately 50 researchers are connected to the department. Presently we have 8 different nationalities represented at the department. The faculty includes: Prof Peter Thomsen, Prof Christer Dahlin, Prof Pentti Tengvall, Prof emeritus Tomas Albrektsson,  Ass Professor Anders Palmquist, Dr Omar Omar, Dr Margarita Trobos, Dr Karin Ekström and several Post Docs and PhD Students.

Research is carried out in a truly interdisciplinary environment. The department has several research groups focusing on different areas. However a lot of interaction between the groups are pretty much the way we work.

Examples of groups and interests are:

  • Platforms for synthesis and characterization of new and improved implant materials and surfaces.
  • Development of methods for studying cell-cell and material-cell interactions in vitro and in vivo, using molecular biology and bioimaging techniques.
  • Understanding the role of different stimulii on cell-cell communication and differentiation of stem cells - e.g. drugs, exosomes, ions.
  • Exploring combinations of biomaterials and stem cells for enhanced tissue regeneration.
  • Understanding biological mechanisms at bone substitute materials and membranes for guided tissue regeneration. Development of synthetic materials for bone substitute materials and membranes for guided tissue regeneration.
  • Evaluation of biological performance of new materials, surfaces and devices in in vivo animal models and in clinical human pilot studies.
  • Development of analytical platforms and in vivo models for studying implant related infections.

The lasts years, huge efforts has been made to develop methods and platforms for analysis. Examples of currently used methods in our centre are, histomorphometric analysis, laser micro-dissection, confocal microscope, Bacterial and cell counts,µCT, qPCR, SEM, TEM, Fib-TEM and several more.

Contact & Name Osteology Scholarship Mentor

Christer Dahlin
Professor in Guided Tissue Regeneration & Oral Surgery
Department Biomaterials, Institute for Clinical Sciences,
The Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg
P.O.Box 412
405 30 Gothenburg, Sweden
phone +46 3117862969