Osteology Research Scholarship Centre - London

The Osteology Research Centre is located within the Centre for Oral Clinical Research and Centre for Oral Immunobiology & Regenerative Medicine at Barts & The London School of Medicine and Dentistry at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL). The School of Dentistry at QMUL is one of the leading Institutes in the U.K in dental research and dental education.

Fields of Research and Research Environment

The Centre is leading research in the field of Oral Immunobiology & Regenerative Medicine. Emphasis is placed in wound healing studies, (soft and hard) tissue regeneration and Implant Dentistry, as well as, treatment of peri-implantitis. The Centre follows a translational research pathway/strategy in all aspects of conducted research. This involves development of projects from the in vitro and preclinical part to creation of clinical hypothesis based on systematic reviews followed by design of phase II, II and IV clinical trials.  The Centre benefits from world class clinical research facilities and a dedicated clinical research team at the Centre for Oral Clinical Research (COCR), as well as, unique laboratory facilities in Microbiology, Immunology and Cell Biology at Blizard Institute.

Contact & Name Osteology Scholarship Mentor

Prof. Nikos Donos
Head of Clinical Research
Professor of Periodontology & Implant Dentistry
Lead Centre of Oral Immunobiology & Regenerative Medicine
Head Centre for Oral Clinical Research
Institute of Dentistry
Barts & The London School of Medicine & Dentistry
Queen Mary University of London (QMUL)
Turner Street
London, E1 2AD, UK