Osteology Research Scholarship Centre - Vienna

The Department of Oral Biology is committed to solving clinical challenges with a focus on regenerative dentistry and oral diseases. The mission sets the research focus on the developing of diagnostics and treatment strategies based on the fundamental biological principles. A collaborative interdisciplinary and creative team follows this mission through research and education. By this, the center provides an environment of research excellence, talent fostering, and academic exchanges.

Fields of Research and Research Environment

Fields of research include bone and soft tissue regeneration, biomaterials, as well as saliva biology and diagnostics. Techniques established in house include molecular and cell biology, and histology. Collaborations and core facilities provide excess to nano computed tomography, flow cytometry, cell imaging, proteomics, and genomics technology.
The Department of Oral Biology, located in Vienna’s city center, offers a friendly and professional environment that promotes scientific excellence and academic success. The research infrastructure meets international standards. Scholars benefit from international collaborations thereby improving their research network and technical skills.

Contact & Name Osteology Scholarship Mentor

Reinhard Gruber
Professor & Chair
Department of Oral Biology
Medical University of Vienna School of Dentistry
Sensengasse 2a
1090 Vienna Austria
phone +43 699 107 18 472