Osteology Research Scholarship Centre - Zurich

The Clinic for Fixed & Removable Prosthodontics has more than 20 years of experience in treating patients using osseointegrated implants and applying bone and soft tissue regenerative augmentations. The majority of these patients are partially edentulous and are comprehensively treated in all disciplines of dental medicine by the faculty and the post-graduate students of the clinic. Many patients desire optimal esthetic treatment results and, hence, a special emphasis of the clinic’s activities is placed on esthetic aspects of the treatment. More than two thirds of the implantation procedures are performed in conjunction with bone and/or soft tissue augmentation using GBR and resorbable biomaterials or bone grafts. Today, computers play a very important role in the planning and the execution phases of therapy as well as during the fabrication process of the reconstructions.

Fields of Research and Research Environment

Research is carried out in different field encompassing bone and soft tissue regeneration, implant integration into hard and soft tissues, loading protocols including immediate loading, conventional and full-ceramic reconstructions, and basic research in dental material science, and the application of computers in dental medicine. The faculty includes: Prof. Christoph Hämmerle, Prof. Mutlu Özcan, PD Ronald Jung, PD Daniel Thoma, Dr. Goran Benic, Dr. Nadja Nänni, Dr. Sven Mühlemann, Dr. David Schneider, Dr. Anja Zembic.

Research is performed on three levels:

  1. Basic research for dental material science
  2. Preclinical research encompassing hard and soft tissue regenerative aspects and implant osseointegration
  3. Clinical research focusing on the establishment of treatment concepts for partially edentulous patients on regenerative aspects for dental implants and aesthetics of implant- and tooth-supported reconstructions

Thereby state-of-the-art methodology of clinical research, hard and soft tissue histology, material testing in a specialized laboratory, special analysis of dimensions of hard and soft tissues as well as dental reconstructions are applied.

Research activities as co-investigator in the above-mentioned research fields are encouraged. The scholars is furthermore involved in continuing education courses of the clinic on surgical and prosthetic topics of implant dentistry.

Contact & Name Osteology Scholarship Mentor

Christoph Hämmerle
Chairman, Prof. Dr. med. dent.
Clinic of Fixed and Removable Prosthodontics
and Dental Material Science
University of Zurich
Plattenstrasse 11
8032 Zurich Switzerland
phone +41 44 634 32 51