Collaboration at the finest level

When two highly scientific organisations team up for an event, great things happen. Top-class workshops with internationally renowned speakers were organised in partnership during the pre-congress programme. The Osteology Foundation and the Italian Society for Periodontology and Implantology (SIdP) set a common goal for this year's congress, which was the promotion of science and education in the fields of periodontology, implant dentistry and oral regeneration.

The International Congress of the SIdP held its 20th congress on 23–25 September 2021. Almost 1100 participants accepted the invitation to meet under the topic of “New Guidelines in Periodontology: Impact on the treatment of stage III periodontitis patients”. The Osteology Foundation collaborated with the SIdP for this event and organised hands-on workshops during the pre-congress programme.

Get your hands on the finest skills

Mauro Merli (Italy) opened the pre-congress day with an in-depth, fully booked workshop on the topic of vertical and horizontal bone augmentation. Participants were shown in detail his “fence technique”, using bioresorbable osteosynthesis plates, pins, and collagen membranes to form a physical barrier resembling a fence. It contains the bone graft biomaterials, composed of a deproteinised bovine bone matrix and autologous bone from intraoral sites. In his “wafer technique”, Merli uses an autogenous cortical bone plate and collagen membranes to form a barrier containing a mixture of deproteinised bovine bone matrix, autologous blood, and bone from intraoral sites. The aim of the workshop was not only to teach these two new exquisite techniques, but also to show their limitations and consequences, which can be significant when dealing with such extensive three-dimensional defects.

At the same time, the very popular and completely booked workshop of Frank Schwarz (Germany) on reconstructive surgical techniques for the management of peri-implantitis took place. In his introduction, he stated that the management of infectious diseases affecting osseointegrated implants in function has become a demanding issue in implant dentistry. With the help of pig jaws, participants were educated on surgical techniques, including flap design and suturing of peri-implant defects, as well as soft tissue conditioning and grafting.

Participants at the fully booked workshops

Empowering the next generation

The SIdP Young Dentists and the National Osteology Group Italia (NOGI) joint workshop was introduced by Luca Landi (Italy) and William Giannobile (USA), president of the two partnering organisations, followed by a brief introduction of the NOGI by Giorgio Pagni (Italy). Fulvio Gatti (Italy) and Claudio Mazzotti (Italy) ran this workshop on behalf of the SIdP Young Dentists for the 60 registered participants and went through the topics of minimally invasive periodontal regeneration and guided tissue regeneration on advanced defects.

Masterful expertise on stage

In the afternoon, Merli and Schwarz performed a joint “peri-implant tissue augmentation session”, where 350 attendees had the unique opportunity to learn live from the best. Merli focused on the different staged approaches for horizontal and vertical bone augmentation and provided tips and tricks through some video examples. Schwarz stated that in terms of vertical alveolar bone grafting, the aim is to obtain the necessary bone volume, allowing the placement of dental implants in a prosthetically driven position. Since vertical ridge augmentation is a highly sensitive technique, he highlighted key aspects for clinical application, such as e.g. the appropriate graft/barrier stabilisation as well as proper flap management and soft tissue closure.

The day was concluded by a "90 minutes with the expert" speech by Giannobile, who translated the latest research innovations into daily practice.

#OsteologyFoundation@SIdP2021 gave participants the first-ever opportunity to experience continuing education provided by these two unique organisations.Both organisations aim to increase the impact of their educational activities and to expand their network. It is of mutual interest and benefit for both organisations to collaborate within the common objectives, and more is yet to come! Save the date for the next Osteology/SIdP joint National Osteology Symposium, taking place on 3–5 November 2022 in Rome!

Friday's lectures focused on the patient with stage 3 periodontitis, highlighting the limitations and treatment options of non-surgical therapy, in combination with other therapies as well as surgical therapy. This session was followed by a live surgery.

Saturday’s lectures addressed the topic of supportive periodontal therapy and its implementation in daily practice. It finished off with the ever-so-popular Nightmare session showing what to do when things go wrong.

Giannobile and Schwarz on stage