The Osteology Foundation has voted

The Osteology Foundation has selected three new Foundation Board members: Pamela McClain, Frank Schwarz and Istvan Urban. In addition, Mariano Sanz will become the new President from June 2015 onwards.


The end of May 2015 signals the end of the term of office for three present Foundation Board members: Friedrich W. Neukam (Germany), Myron Nevins (USA) and Massimo Simion (Italy). During its meeting of 27 January 2015, the Foundation Board of the Osteology Foundation therefore selected three new members to join the ranks of the Board: Pamela McClain (USA), Frank Schwarz (Germany) and Istvan Urban (Hungary). They will succeed the outgoing members in June 2015.

The term of office of the current president Christoph Hämmerle (Switzerland), who has successfully led the Foundation since it was established and strongly influenced the development thereof, will also end in May 2015. Mariano Sanz (Spain), who will take over as President of the Foundation from June 2015 onwards, was chosen as his successor.

Both the Foundation Board members and the President of the Osteology Foundation are selected for a period of four years and may be chosen a second time for a further four years.

Voting criteria
The candidates for election are nominated by the existing Foundation Board members. The vote itself takes place by means of secret ballot. In addition to professional expertise and international standing, geographical and professional equilibrium constitutes a criterion for nominations and selection. Care is taken to ensure that various countries and cultures are given just as much consideration as the various specialist areas that figure in oral regeneration, i.e. maxillofacial surgery, oral surgery, periodontology, implantology and cell biology. A balance between practice and science is also ensured.

Further organisational changes
From June onwards, further organisational changes will result from the new elections. The Executive Board of the Osteology Foundation will consist of the new President Mariano Sanz (Spain), William V. Giannobile (USA) as well as Christer Dahlin (Sweden) from June onwards. The Founders' Representative will also continue to be represented by Paul Note (Switzerland).

Further changes will concern the configurations of the three committees. They will not be definitively decided on, however, until June 2015 when the new members take up their duties during the next Foundation Board meeting.


Present and future Foundation Board members: Friedrich W. Neukam, Myron Nevins and Massimo Simion (top);
Pamela McClaine, Frank Schwarz and Istvan Urban (bottom).


The current and new President of the Foundation: Christoph Hämmerle and Mariano Sanz