280 participants at the National Osteology Symposium in Barcelona

The National Osteology Symposium Spain, which took place on 17–18 February 2017, attracted 280 participants with an outstanding programme and renowned speakers. In particular young dentists interested in regenerative therapies attended the symposium.


A busy year with many National Osteology Symposia has started. The first National Symposium in 2017 took place in Barcelona Spain. The scientific chairmen of the symposium, Mariano Sanz and Juan Blanco, had put together a high-quality programme with national and international speakers, highlighting all facets of oral regenerative therapies.

280 participants attended the lectures, discussions and also the research forum, which was organised in collaboration with the national association SEPA. Two practical workshops completed the programme.

The industrial exhibition was well attended, and many interested dentists also visited the Osteology booth, in particular the many young dentists, to learn more about the activities of the foundation, after Mariano Sanz had introduced them in his opening speech.

It was a great start with great lectures and many happy participants in a year which holds four more symposia, as well as several collaboration events.