A book creates furore - Osteology at the EAO Congress

The new Clinical Research Guidelines created quite a stir at the booth of the Osteology Foundation at the EAO Congress in Rome. Both scientists and dental practitioners wanted to be the first to hold the book in their hands. And on top, a prize was awarded at the end...

For many dental practitioners and scientists in the field of oral regeneration and implantology, the EAO Congress is a fixed date in the annual congress calendar. Of course, this event is a must for the Osteology Foundation, especially as the Foundation had something to celebrate at this year's congress in Rome: the eagerly expected publication of the second volume in the series Osteology Guidelines for Oral & Maxillofacial Regeneration.

The Foundation's book on Clinical Research was received with great interest by the delegates to the EAO Congress, which was held from 25.-27. September in Rome. The booth of the Osteology Foundation was well attended virtually throughout the congress and dental practitioners and scientists alike crowded the stand during breaks to get a first view of the new Clinical Research Guidelines. The book had been delivered straight from the printers to Rome. Many of the books found new owners, either making use of the special introductory offer at the congress or trying their luck during a raffle.

Large crowd attends the launch of the book
The launch of the Clinical Research Guidelines book on Friday drew a large crowd. The editors Niklaus Lang and Maurizio Tonetti as well as many of the book's authors were present on the Foundation's booth, as were the Foundation Board members Christoph Hämmerle, Mariano Sanz, Friedrich Neukam and Reinhard Gruber who passed by to toast the new book.

Former member of the board and founding member, Jan Lindhe, also made a point to attend the occasion and to praise the book: "An excellent group of authors worked together on the Clinical Research Guidelines", explained Jan Lindhe, visibly pleased that the book is now available. "The Research Guidelines are truly relevant for scientists."

Equally delighted were Massimo Simion and Pierpaolo Cortellini, the two chairmen of the next National Osteology Symposium in Italy in 2015. At the event, they both gave an interview and the stand was turned into an improvised recording studio at short notice.

Training and research sponsorship
The book was not the only major attraction at the EAO Congress in Rome; many young scientists as well as leaders of research groups worldwide, were very interested to find out more about the Osteology Research Grants and the Research Academy.

Some of the past years' graduates of the Research Academy brought their colleagues and friends along, to whom they had recommended this training and who wanted to enrol for the next year.

Basic Research Prize for research financed by Osteology
On the final day, it was also a great pleasure to hear that Yuelian Liu, who is doing research at the Universities of Amsterdam and Berne, was awarded the "Basic Research Prize" of the EAO for her work with the title "Osteoinductive biomimetic calcium phosphate bone substitute for bone regeneration", a study which had partly been sponsored by a Research Grant of the Osteology Foundation.

The EAO Congress has yet again demonstrated the great amount of interest in the activities of the Osteology Foundation. True to the motto "Linking Science with Practice in Regeneration", discussions focused on research and practice at the congress. It became abundantly clear that the Foundation is on the right path with its offers of training and research sponsorship - a path the Foundation will continue to follow and expand on worldwide.