“Always believe in yourself”

The Osteology Foundation spoke to Yusuke Hamada about his career and how it all began. He gave some insights into the role the Foundation has played in his career and how it has supported him. Find out more about how this positive and long-lasting relationship has developed.

Yusuke has been working as an Assistant Professor and an Associate Program Director of the graduate periodontal program at the Department of Periodontology, Indiana University School of Dentistry, since 2015. He finished his dental training at the Kyushu Dental University in Japan in 2006. During that time, Yusuke was extremely excited about periodontal regeneration with enamel matrix derivate. He wanted to learn basic surgical skills and management of medically compromised patients, so he went into oral surgery training and general anaesthesia for two years. Yusuke’s passion for soft and hard tissue regeneration continued so he decided to pursue a career as a periodontist. He began his periodontal training at Indiana University School of Dentistry, USA, in 2012.

Today, Yusuke is answering some questions about his career.

First contact with the Osteology Foundation

Yusuke's first contact was at an event hosted by Geistlich Pharma in San Francisco in 2015. “After that, I looked at the Osteology Foundation website. I was very quickly impressed by the Foundation and what it had to offer. I then applied directly for the Osteology Education Grant and the Osteology Research Academy Boston,” remembers Yusuke.

“Always believe in yourself”

“After my first contact with the Foundation, my first success with it followed immediately. This showed me that you should always believe in yourself. I was thankful that I could attend the Osteology Research Academy Boston in 2016 with an Osteology Education Grant. Yusuke got the opportunity to look at many different aspects of research. For example, methodology, grant applications and statistics and he also had the opportunity to learn about various research topics associated with tissue regeneration. One of the most important things for Yusuke was the opportunity to network with lots of different people. “I was able to talk to world-famous clinicians and researchers in person. I had great conversations with William Giannobile, Myron Nevins, David Kim, Ken Kornman, Leandro Chambrone, to name just a few.” Yusuke adds. 


Group photo at the Osteology Research Academy (Core Module) in Boston in 2016. For Yusuke it was a wonderful opportunity to learn from experts and meet many new friends.


“I was able to utilise what I learned from the Osteology Research Academy Boston”

In 2017, Yusuke received an Osteology Young Researcher Grant. Yusuke remembers: “In our clinic, we were using platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) for regenerative procedures. Unlike other commercially available materials, I was slightly sceptical about the quality of growth factors from PRF since this is autogenous material. Therefore, I wanted to measure the amount of growth factors from PRF and analyse any factors affecting the number of platelet or white blood cells. We also analysed the relationship between the amount of growth factors and the presence or absence of periodontitis. My team and I were at the Department of Periodontology at Indiana University School of Dentistry.”

The results of the study showed that the amount of growth factors from PRF was not affected by the periodontal condition of the patient. When drafting the study protocol, Yusuke was able to utilise the knowledge he had gained from the Osteology Research Academy in Boston back in 2016. 

“This has helped me to strengthen my mentality and motivation”

When asked about the significance of the Osteology Young Researcher Grant for the study, Yusuke replies with three words: “It was essential!. First of all, it really helped me to strengthen my mentality and motivation. Second, the total cost of this study was extremely high. We needed to compensate subjects for the taking of blood and purchase ELISA kits for analysis. Without this financial support from the Osteology Foundation, I would not have been able to conduct this study.”

This study was the first in which he was responsible for developing the protocol. This new responsibility motivated him even more. During this study he learned IRB (institutional review board) (human research ethics committee) approval, subject recruitment, management of budget including subject compensation, purchase of the materials and much more.



“This meeting was very memorable for me”

In 2018, Yusuke attended the National Osteology Symposium 2018 in Phoenix, USA. One of his students at the time, Jennifer Chang, was awarded first prize in the Osteology Research Competition (Clinical Research). Jennifer Chang presented the project for which Yusuke had received the Osteology Young Researcher Grant. This made that moment extremely memorable for him. Yusuke also had the opportunity to talk to Michael McGuire in person during the reception. Michael McGuire has done a tremendous amount of clinical research. Yusuke remembers well that he gave him good advice and that this conversation was a great source of motivation for him.


Yusuke’s student, Jennifer Chang, received an award under the clinical study category at the National Osteology Symposium USA in 2018. This project was funded by the Osteology Foundation.


“It was an enjoyable experience for me”

In 2019, Yusuke received the Osteology Case Award at the International Osteology Symposium in Barcelona. “It was an enjoyable and unforgettable experience for me to present my case at the International Osteology Symposium. The case was about the regenerative procedures around natural teeth on all quadrants. I treated this patient when I was a periodontal resident at Indiana University School of Dentistry. We have so far been successfully able to save his teeth. “, he remembers.


Yusuke received 1st place in Osteology Case Award during the International Osteology Symposium in Barcelona 2019


In the same year, Yusuke attended the Osteology Research Academy Alumni event during the EuroPerio Congress in Amsterdam. “At the session, I was fortunate to present the results of my study in front of many Osteology Research Academy Alumni,” says Yusuke. 


Yusuke had the opportunity to present his project at the Osteology Research Academy alumni event in Amsterdam in 2018. This event was held adjunct to EuroPerio 9


“The speakers of the Virtual Osteology Symposium USA and Australia were really great”

Unfortunately the National Osteology Symposium USA was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. “I watched the online webinars and all the speakers were great. The Foundation made the best of this situation,” he says. During the Virtual Osteology Symposium USA Research Competition, Yusuke’s group attended the Poster Session for basic research. He had worked as a principal investigator for the project entitled ‘Antibacterial Efficacies and Effects on Human Gingival Fibroblasts of Four Antibacterial Agents: An attempt for creation of a Post-Surgical Protocol’. This is a thesis project for one of his students, Chandni Batra.

“I really appreciate the support from the Osteology Foundation”

"In the future I would like to be active within the Osteology Foundation. My plans for my future career involve pursuing the combination of clinical patient care, research and education. I would be very happy if someday I was able to contribute to the Osteology Foundation by volunteering in any activities such as the role of a committee member.”