Back in business, back on stage!

After a long time, we are finally back to live events in China: The first Practical Academy in 2022 took place successfully in the beautiful city of Yantai on 27 August 2022. Organised by the National Osteology Group, the combination of top-class lectures and intense hands-on workshops attracted a group of highly motivated attendees.

It was all about the maxillary sinus floor. Zhou Wenjuan started his lecture with an overview of the anatomy of the maxillary sinus and interpretation of radiographs. He also talked about pre- and postoperative considerations and the selection of biomaterials.

He was followed by Liu Zhonghao who shared his extensive experience in maxillary sinus floor elevation with the participants. Liu gave a detailed overview of the crestal and lateral window approach and particularly focused on the pitfalls that could cause any complications.  

The participants then had the opportunity to work on an egg and a head model to put into practice their freshly acquired knowledge. Being coached by professionals who could give them in-depth and expert coaching, these practical sessions were highly appreciated.

Li Dehua then gave a special lecture on the preoperative assessment of adverse factors in sinus floor elevation. Though he could only be connected virtually due to Covid restrictions, there was a lively discussion and exchange after his lecture.

Such an intense and interactive exchange between the experts and participants was possible only thanks to a high-quality video connection and the precious support by our local partners.

We hope that we will be able to host a fully in-person practical academy in China soon!