Check out our online services!

In these extraordinary times we are all forced to adapt and implement a new routine in our daily lives. As many physical activities fall away, we would like to show you our online services – in case any of you can and want to use your additional time productively.


On the global Osteology Community Platform there are various ways to exchange information around the globe, but also to consume high-grade content. Below a brief list:


With over 200 public cases already, it offers a good opportunity to discuss cases with like-minded colleagues or simply to look at some of them.


They are a way to protect yourself and patients from making mistakes. THE BOX allows you to adapt ready-made checklists to your own practice and prepare now for normality.


Challenges and complications can be discussed in this forum – anonymously if that suits you better. How would another specialist have mastered the challenge?


Yet another webinar? Yes, but evidence-based! In addition to the recorded webinars, we have compiled a Scientific Radar for the topics “Root Coverage” and “Ridge Preservation” with the most important literature and an interview with the author of a key publication. Our next live webinar on peri-implantitis with Lisa Heitz-Mayfield takes place on 8 April 2020.


The National Groups were set up in order to make education available in national languages. A webinar is held every month, which also continues to be available as a recording. Membership in NOG Italia remains free of charge until the end of June and Membership in NOG Brasil remains free of charge until the end of September.


The complete versions of the two books, “Preclinical Models for Translational Research” and “Clinical Research” are available on THE BOX.


If you are about to start a new research project, you will find the necessary support here.


This online tool helps to choose the right statistical test for research results.


Further possibilites:


We call upon the members of the Honorary Board to tell us their legends. In this podcast format, we juxtapose a current member of the foundation board with a former member and try to find out what makes them what they are today: Legends of Oral Regeneration. Available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.


Whether case discussions, philosophising about the future of oral regeneration or providing advice for the next generation: In Barcelona we managed to capture fascinating discussions. Available on our YouTube channel.