"Colleagues and friends with the same passion"

Leonardo Mancini from Italy started his year as an Osteology Research Scholar in June 2021 at the Clinic of Reconstructive Dentistry at the University of Zurich (Switzerland) working in the team of Daniel Thoma and Ronald Jung.

Continue to read and discover what Leonardo Mancini shared about his Osteology Research Scholarship experience.

What do you think went well in terms of project work during this year?

From my perspective, the scholarship project has been interesting and challenging since the beginning. The team spirit and the guidance of skilled colleagues and mentors helped me run and finish this study. 

What final benefits (professionally and personally) do you take home from the Osteology Scholarship year?

On a professional level, I learned from exceptional colleagues. Assisting them during the surgeries was a unique and inspiring experience. From a personal viewpoint, I met beautiful people and intend to keep in touch with all of them in the future. In other words, this experience helped me build my own network of colleagues and friends with the same passion as mine. 

How did you perceive the mentorship, research team and working atmosphere?

Having Prof. Thoma as my mentor was truly unique. We spent hours discussing new projects and how we could improve our workflow to provide patients with the best treatment possible.