Enhancing Success Around Teeth and Implants: the first National Osteology Symposium USA

On 9–10 February 2018, the Osteology Foundation organised its first Osteology Symposium in the USA. 355 participants attended the National Symposium in Phoenix under the title “State-of-the-Art Regenerative Therapies: Enhancing Success Around Teeth and Implants”.

A great programme had been organised by the Chairmen of the symposium, Pamela K. McClain, and William V. Giannobile. It consisted of hands-on workshops, lectures, interactive discussions, and a research poster session, all featuring some of the most renowned speakers from North America as well as Europe and South America. A special programme for dental hygienists took also place on the pre-congress day.

Pamela K. McClain, who opened the symposium on Friday afternoon, said that she had not heard about the Osteology Foundation until a few years ago. Now she is a member of the Foundation Board, and helps to define the strategies of the international operating organisation, which stands for high-quality and independent education of dentists on oral regeneration topics. She was particularly excited to be Chairman of the first Osteology Symposium in her home country, and also to introduce the Foundation to the audience, informing them about the numerous programmes and activities that the Osteology Foundation has to offer for scientists as well as for practitioners.

Exciting programme
One of the highlights of the programme was the session on peri-implantitis on Saturday morning. The three speakers, Paul Rosen, USA, Hom-Lay Wang, USA, and Frank Schwarz, Germany, presented different aspects on this currently frequently discussed topic. Apparently, it is a more and more relevant issue in clinical practice, and practitioners have great interest in further information on this topic. This was also obvious from the many questions that were asked by the audience in the discussion session after the presentation.

Daniel Thoma, Switzerland, also held a presentation that received plenty of attention. He explained that for immediate and delayed implants, the importance of soft tissue for aesthetics has been shown: “higher papilla scores and significantly better aesthetic outcomes have been observed for immediate implants combined with CTG compared to sites without grafting, and soft tissue grafting using CTG is responsible for 40% of the final volume for delayed implants”, he explained. Furthermore, it was demonstrated that soft tissue grafting procedures for gain of mucosal thickness result in significantly less marginal bone loss. Thoma explained that even though autogenous CTGs are still the gold standard, a newly developed 3D collagen matrix is a non-inferior alternative and most importantly reduces the post-op morbidity.

Renowned speakers
Among the other speakers at Osteology USA, which covered all kinds of topics in the field of oral tissue regeneration, were many renowned and high-class experts, such as William V. Giannobile (Future Prospects of Periodontal and Peri-Implant Regenerative Medicine), Michael McGuire (Evidence-Based Alternatives for Autogenous Grafts: Outcomes, Attachment and Stability), Gustavo Avila-Ortiz (Management of the Posterior Maxilla - Sinus Augmentation), Myron Nevins (Interactive Treatment Planning Session) and Craig Misch (New Techniques in Hard Tissue Regeneration to Support Implant Therapy).

Osteology USA on THE BOX
Hector Rios, Gustavo Avila-Ortiz, and Daniel Thoma, who have been significantly contributing to the development of the Osteology Foundation’s Global Community Platform THE BOX, introduced it to the audience in a short presentation. They explained what it has to offer for practitioners, researcher, and educators – and that it aims to connect everybody interested in oral regenerative therapies worldwide. The full programme, all abstracts, research posters and photos are also available online on THE BOX’s Osteology USA section. Registration to the online platform is free of charge. THE BOX video that they showed on stage is also available on the Osteology Foundation’s YouTube channel.

Research presentations
In the Research Poster Presentation session, young researchers had the chance to present their work on basic and clinical research in oral tissue regeneration. All presentations were excellent. The jury, under the lead of David Kim, selected as winners of the Osteology Research Prize: Trang Nguyen, University of Michigan, in Basic Research, and Jennifer Chang, Indiana University, in Clinical Research. All competing posters can be accessed online on THE BOX. The prizes were awarded on stage by Gustavo Avila-Ortiz.

Hands-on Workshops
Christer Dahlin and Maurício Araújo held each a hands-on Osteology workshop on Friday morning. Christer Dahlin, who is also known as one of the “inventors” of the GBR technique, taught the participants of his sold-out workshops different flap design and techniques, as well as different materials used for GBR. Maurício Araújo explained in his workshop the processes that take place after tooth extraction, he reviewed the anatomy of the alveolar process, and showed techniques for ridge preservation and augmentation.

Thank you!
The success of the first National Osteology Symposium USA would not have been possible without the support of the Chairmen, the local organisers, and also the sponsors and exhibitors. The Osteology Foundation wishes to thank them in particular, as well as the excellent speakers, moderators, and of course all the attendees.


More photos are available online on THE BOX.

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