Enjoy it while it's happening!

Anina Zürcher is a Swiss periodontist who applied for an Osteology Research Scholarship and got the opportunity to spend one year at the Dental School of the Queen Mary University in London.

Continue to read and discover what Anina Zürcher shared about her Osteology Research Scholarship experience.

What do you think went well in terms of project work during this year?

In the ongoing projects, especially in the main project, I was introduced to new technologies on the one hand and learned how they work. On the other hand, I was involved in the clinic where I could treat patients. I was able to gain insight into the laboratory and learn how human biofluids are prepared, stored and analyzed. Finally, I was able to work on and conduct two reviews in the field of oral regeneration and implantology.

What final benefits do you take home from the Osteology Scholarship year?

I can take home many new experiences from the scholarship year, both personally and professionally. It’s a big change to live in another country for a year and interact with and adapt to new social and cultural customs. It was very rewarding and I’ll take with me many great moments, memories and knowledge. From a professional point of view, I learned many new methods, procedures and perspectives that are very enriching and help me see situations from a different angle.

How did you perceive the mentorship, research team and working atmosphere?

I have enjoyed an exceptional mentorship. I was warmly welcomed and immediately felt integrated in the team. Especially my mentor, Professor Donos, always took the time to share his knowledge and gave me many tips for my future. The scholarship year allowed me to work in a great team, acquire knowledge, make friends and build a great network that will last beyond this year.

What would you do differently if you could start the Osteology Scholarship programme again?

I’ve had a wonderful time this year. From that perspective, I probably wouldn't do anything differently. The only thing might be to worry less about how it's going to be and just look forward to the adventure and enjoy it while it's happening, because it's a unique opportunity that will open many new doors in the future.