Far away but in the thick of it

Another successful hybrid event: the follow-up workshop of the National Osteology Symposium China attracted over 100 participants in Shenzen. On 30 November 2021, Istvan Urban presented them with detailed training on the “sausage” and “strip” techniques in a live broadcast from Budapest.

A little theory before the top of the show

After watching a video recording where Urban talked about the history of the sausage technique, at 3.30 pm local time (8.30 am Hungarian time) the participants could finally move on to the part that was to be the highlight of their day, an online hands-on session with the innovator of the sausage and strip techniques. Urban started with an overview of his usual tools and instruments. The model provided for the hands-on session was a pig mandible, with the area between the two anterior molars on each side being the edentulous area.

A la carte learning

After very detailed step-by-step explication using the sausage technique, Urban went on to do the same using the strip technique on the other edentulous side of the pig mandible. Each of the 100 participants could operate independently with their own set of instruments and meticulously follow the instructions on the screen.

Grande finale

As the icing on the cake at the end of the training, Urban presented several of his fascinating cases, with both surgical techniques, and gave many detailed insights into the procedures.

Such an intense and interactive exchange between the expert and the participants was possible only thanks to a high-quality video connection and the precious support by the team of Geistlich China.