Hand-over of presidency in Zurich

On the occasion of the Osteology Board Meeting on June 22, 2015 in Zurich, the presidency of the Osteology Foundation was officially handed over from Christoph Hämmerle to Mariano Sanz.

Professor Christoph Hämmerle served as president of the Osteology Foundation for 12 years, ever since it was established. Looking back at his term of office, he said in an interview prior to the meeting in Zurich: “The Osteology Foundation has grown to be a highly respectable organization over recent years. I think the key elements for this success have been the excellent teamwork among the members of the Foundation Board, the dedication of those working in the office and, very importantly, the support and the academic freedom granted by the Founder.”

Even though his term of office as president of the Osteology Foundation has ended, Christoph Hämmerle will remain a member of the Board for two more years, contributing to the development of the Foundation and its activities with his great experience and knowledge.

Professor Mariano Sanz, who in Zurich officially took over as new president of the Osteology Foundation, has been a member of the Board for 12 years, he also served as Chairmen of the Education Committee and Member of the Executive Board for several years.

For him, the Foundation and its activities are therefore already familiar - with Mariano Sanz, “the Osteology Foundation is in the best hands”, said Christoph Hämmerle.

Mariano Sanz thanked him, and said that "in the past 12 years Christoph Hämmerle has done a superb job. Not only as a result of his vision and work, but also through his personal and social skills has the Foundation become a friendly family of leaders all striving for the same objective, which is to fulfil the mission of the Osteology Foundation.”

Mariano Sanz does not intend to change the strategy of the Osteology Foundation. "We will continue the successful work, and wherever possible extend it to other parts of the world”, he said in an interview, and added: “we shall consolidate our accomplishments, but at the same time open up to new technologies and improve communications media with the goal of widening our reach in order to better fulfil our mission.