Honorary Board of the Osteology Foundation

The Osteology Honorary Board represents the former Board Members of the Osteology Foundation. Let us open their treasure chest of knowledge, history and stories behind their career and life and say a big thank you for their work, support and loyalty over the past years.

Let’s put ourselves back in the year 2003 where it all just began. Dr Peter Geistlich established the Osteology Foundation together with Geistlich Pharma and other like-minded experts. As the Foundation took its first steps in 2003, so did its Board. The first Board Members were Jan Lindhe, Christoph Hämmerle, Niklaus Lang, Friedrich Neukam, Georg Watzek, Myron Nevins, Wilfried Wagner, Daniel Buser, Mariano Sanz and Massimo SimionChristoph Hämmerle represented the Osteology Foundation as the first President and thus laid the first building blocks for this position and for his successor Mariano Sanz in 2015. In 2009, the Foundation Board was expanded to include an additional member. That year, as an eleventh member, Maurício Araújo joint the Board. He and Mariano Sanz were the last of all the Honorary Board Members to leave the Board in 2019.

They all had a great influence on the growth and development of the Foundation, both from a personal perspective and through their knowledge and experience. They have formed and built the Osteology Foundation’s bases.

In April 2019, the Honorary Board Members were invited to the ‘Osteology Welcome Reception’ at the International Osteology Symposium in Barcelona, where they were honoured for their work and support during their time as members of the Osteology Board. William V. Giannobile, who has been President of the Foundation since June 2019, presented the former Board Members with an honorary Osteology pin as a token of recognition and appreciation of their work and commitment during their time as Board Members.


William V. Giannobile presents the Honorary Members with their pin at the Osteology Welcome Reception in Barcelona.

To find out more about each former Board Member, their term on the board, their knowledge and stories, visit the new ‘Honorary Board’ section on our website. Check out also the new ‘Podcast’ on the website where a former Board Member talks to a current member about his time heading the Osteology Foundation, his history and stories behind his career. Enjoy listening to our Honorary Board Members or how we call them: Legends of Oral Regeneration.