Joint Symposium with AAP/AAP Foundation - great partnership for success

More than 500 participants attended the joint symposium by the Osteology Foundation, the AAP and the AAP Foundation in Orlando, Florida, on 14 November 2015. The outstanding programme with national and international speakers focused on current technologies for hard and soft tissue oral regeneration.


Nothing but positive feedback could be heard after the very successful symposium jointly organized by the Osteology Foundation, the AAP, and the AAP Foundation. It took place as part of the pre-programme of the AAP Annual Meeting, which was held in Orlando, Florida in November this year.

With an audience of more than 500, the Symposium exceed all expectations. All seats were taken, and some late-comers even had to stand.

Joan Otomo-Corgell, President of the AAP, opened the symposium, and particular welcomed over 130 third-year periodontics residents who had received scholarships from the AAP Foundation to attend the symposium.

The programme covered a broad range of topics in periodontal treatment and research, exploring the current concepts and alternatives in bone regeneration, outlining  the use of scaffolds and biological mediators to improve the outcomes of bone regenerative therapies, and explaining  the clinical guidelines associated with current concepts and alternatives in soft tissue augmentation and periodontal regeneration.

The symposium with national and international speakers also included discussion of using soft tissue substitutes to improve the outlines of soft tissue regenerative therapies.

Mariano Sanz from Spain, current President of the Osteology Foundation (OF), and William V. Giannobile (USA), Board Member of the OF, were among the presenters, as well as Pamela K. McClain (USA), also Board Member of the OF and past-president of the AAP. David M. Kim (USA) and Rodrigo Neiva (USA), both members of the OF Expert Council, gave presentations as well.

A great addition to the programme was the presentation by Martha Somerman, Director of the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIDCR), who spoke about research opportunities in regenerative medicine.

The organizers and everybody involved were extremely excited about the success of the symposium, and representatives of the two Foundations as well as the AAP announced to continue the collaboration, since it is a great partnership for success.