National Osteology Symposium in Tokyo

It was the 2nd time that the Osteology Foundation visited Japan with a National Osteology Symposium in Tokyo in June 2017. 414 participants that came not only from Japan, attended the two-day congress under the motto “State of the art in oral and maxillofacial regenerative therapies. From evidence-based to clinical implementation.“

The scientific chairmen of the symposium, Mariano Sanz and Fumihiko Watanabe, set up an excellent and very attractive programme, consisting of a scientific forum with four different sessions, the Osteology Research Forum, two Osteology hands-on workshops, an interactive case discussion, and a poster exhibition.

The three international speakers, Mariano Sanz, Mario Roccuzzo, and Anton Sculean, as well as 23 national speakers covered all aspects of oral regenerative therapies, presented latest insights from research and novel therapeutic options, as well as the evidence based application to everyday clinical practice. The programme was simultaneously translated in English and Japanes, and therefore allowed also international visitors to follow the presentations.

In the Osteology Research Forum, 12 young researchers had the chance to present their work to a scientific committee, which selected the winners in the categories basic and clinical science. Selected were:

Basic research: 1st Eiichi Suzuki, Tokyo Dental College, 2nd Hideto Aoki, Tokyo Dental College, and 3rd Takahiro Takeuchi, Tokyo Dental College

Clinical research: 1st Shogo Maekawa, Tokyo Medical and Dental University, 2nd Takehiko Kubota, Niigata University, 3rd Takahiro Ikawa, Tokyo Medical and Dental University

All in all, another great Osteology Symposium in Japan, which will be repeated in the future. The preliminary plans are to hold the next symposium in 2021.