National Osteology Symposium Russia in 2020 on site

The National Osteology Symposium Russia was successfully staged in Moscow from 17 to 18 October under all necessary safety conditions. It was the first and only face-to-face event of the Osteology Foundation in the difficult COVID-19 year of 2020.

Organising the symposium on site was a great challenge in the current situation. The whole project was repeatedly adapted due to COVID-19 and the associated travel restrictions and security measures. It was only possible to implement the event on site thanks to the great flexibility and enthusiasm of the chairpersons Istvan Urban and Kristina Badalyan, the organisation leader Anna Svir together with the SIMKO team, all the speakers and all those involved in the project.

The entire congress took place under the current COVID-19 protective measures. All participants were instructed from the beginning to keep their distance and to wear a protective mask. Thanks to these arrangements, it was possible to welcome a total of 250 participants on site. For the year 2020 this was the largest event in the dental industry in Russia. Despite these restrictions, there was a very good atmosphere during the whole congress, and it was great to meet in person again.

A great scientific programme

The scientific programme was divided into three sessions. Chairman Istvan Urban was transmitted online and chaired the congress from outside. Kristina Badalyan, Expert Council Member, was on site and managed everything on stage. All international speakers such as Daniele Cardaropoli, Mario Roccuzzo and Matteo Chiapasco were also connected online. The two Russian speakers, Arslan Amirov and Abdul Suleymanov, were on stage under the direction of Kristina Badalyan.


Osteology Case Session and workshop

During the Osteology Case Session the best four cases were presented on the stage on site. The Expert Panel consisting of Daniele Cardaropoli, Matteo Chiapasco and Mario Roccuzzo was broadcast live. The following presenters were awarded:

1st Prize: Renat Rizvanov

2nd Prize: Roman Volberg

3rd Prize: Aslan Tseev

Special Prize: Michael Chechel

The symposium’s only workshop took place on Sunday. It was led by Istvan Urban and covered the “Sausage & Strip Technique”. Due to the current situation, only a limited number of participants were allowed. The workshop was sold out with 60 participants and was a great success. The interest of the participants was so high that the planned three hours for the workshop was extended to four hours.

A big thank you again to the organisers for this great event! Futher pictures are available on the Global Osteology Community Platform, THE BOX - just click here.

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