New Osteology Research Scholars

Meet our new Osteology Research Scholars. The four young researchers will spend one year at one of the four Osteology Research Centres working on different projects.


Young-Dan Cho, South Korea

University of Michigan, USA (William. V. Giannobile) 

"Based on my major in PhD (Molecular Genetics), I could expand my interests to periodontal tissue regeneration during a periodontal residency training course. I am very happy and looking forward to study with an excellent research team in Michigan. This would give me a chance to broaden and deepen my knowledge."

Hyun-Chang Lim, South Korea

University of Zurich, Switzerland (Christoph Hämmerle) 

"My research interest is bone regenerative strategy with various biomaterials. Osteology scholarship is a great opportunity to broaden my vision and bond with international researchers. The experience in Zurich university will be definitely priceless in my academic career."

 Jincy Philip, India

University of Gothenburg, Sweden (Christer Dahlin) 

"The area of my research is exosomes, which are small extracellular vesicles that mediate cell-to-cell communication. The aim with the present study is to evaluate different exosome isolation methods and to increase the knowledge of the role of exosomes in cell-to-cell communication during bone regeneration and healing around implants. This study has intensified my aspiration to be in the challenging area of biomaterials and bone tissue regeneration. I would like to thank Osteology Foundation for giving me the opportunity to continue the research at the Department of Biomaterials, Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg. The Osteology Research Scholarship year will pave the way to enrich my technical skills and to efficiently contribute to the field of bone tissue regeneration."

Franz Josef Strauss, Chile

Medical University of Vienna, Austria (Reinhard Gruber) 

"My main area of research has been related to periodontology. Recently, in the underlying mechanisms of bone resorption and bone regeneration. Given the lack of comprehensive understanding of the factors involved in resorption of bone substitutes, my interest is to improve our knowledge on the behavior of biomaterials, in particular, those required for bone augmentation due to its clinical relevance. The chance to study and learn at the Medical University of Vienna from a leading expert in bone research such as Prof. Reinhard Gruber will enrich my experience and skills in bone regeneration. This opportunity will give me the support to follow my research endeavors and the empowerment of the development of my academic track in oral regeneration."