Not all theory is grey!

The first Osteology Research Academy this year took place in Gothenburg from 11 to 13 May, chaired by Christer Dahlin. Eight participants from various research centres worldwide travelled to Gothenburg to attend this three-day intensive course focusing on Interface Biology and Ultrastructure.

Three days of intensive knowledge transfer

The Research Academy was conducted with the help of nine lecturers, each specialised in a sub-topic, such as the tissue-implant interface, analytical techniques and biomaterial-associated infections. The course started with intensive theoretical lectures in the morning, and participants were divided into three groups in the afternoons for lab-based workshops. Thanks to the small group size, each participant had the opportunity to gain extensive practical experience, ask questions and discuss open points with the lecturers during the three workshops.

A pioneer in dental implant research

A scientific career talk by Tomas Albrektsson allowed the participants to understand the historical development of dental implants and their impact on today’s practice while also benefiting from his vast experience as one of the pioneers in dental implant research.

This Research Academy proved to be extremely valuable, not only from a scientific point of view, but also because of the enriching opportunity for networking in a friendly and open atmosphere.

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