Osteology Barcelona: These are the awardees

A key task of the Osteology Foundation is the promotion of research, and also the transfer of the results to practice. Therefore, research prizes were awarded for basic and clinical research, the participants could vote on THE BOX for their favourite poster and choose the winner of the Poster Audience Award, and the winner of the Case Competition was awarded in Barcelona.


The Osteology Research Prizes at the International Osteology Symposium Barcelona 2019 were awarded to the following people:

Basic Research

1st place: Miguel Romero Bustillos, USA

2nd place: Paolo Ghensi, Italy

3rd place: Alfonso Gil, Switzerland

Clinical Research

1st place: Ki-Tae Koo, South Korea

2nd place: Sami Stagnell, Austria

3rd place: Flavia Matarazzo, Brazil

Osteology Poster Audience Award

Winner: Vitor Stuani, Brazil

Osteology Case Award

Winner: Yusuke Hamada, USA