Osteology for the first time in Korea

The collaboration with the KAOMI on the occasion of the iAO 2018, which was jointly organised, was a very successful introduction of the Osteology Foundation in Korea. It was the first appearance of the internationally operating Foundation in this country, and the interest by the audience in both, lectures and the Foundation itself, was great.


About 1’000 participants, not only from Korea, but also from many other Asian countries, such as Thailand, Philippines, Myanmar and Japan, and also several participants from the US Army stationed in Korea, attended the iAO 2018 congress on 10-11 March 2018 in Seoul, jointly organised by the Korean Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Implantology, KAOMI, and the Osteology Foundation.

The Osteology Foundation contributed with two sessions and two practical workshops to the overall excellent programme. All lectures in the main programme were of excellent quality and held in English. Simultaneous translation was provided but rarely used.

One of the two Osteology sessions focussed on peri-implantitis, the other on extraction socket management and implant placement. Renowned national speakers from Korea as well as international speakers addressed different aspects of the two topics, and presented the audience a broad evidence based overview as well as the latest insights from research. Among the international speakers were the president of the Osteology Foundation, Mariano Sanz, Spain, as well as Ronald E. Jung, Switzerland, member of the Osteology Foundation Board, and Saso Ivanovski, Australia.

Two local members of the Osteology Expert Council were among the speakers as well: Ui-Won Jung and Ki-Tae Koo, and the new president of KAOMI, Young Ku, served as moderator in one of the sessions. Further speakers in the Osteology sessions were: Youngkyung Ko, Jungseok Lee, Byungo Ham, and Jung-Chul Park. See the full programme.

Great attention created also the presentation of THE BOX, the Global Osteology Community Platform, by Jae-Kook Cha, who is involved in the strategic development of this online platform.

In addition to the lectures, two practical hands-on workshops were held by Mariano Sanz and Ronald E. Jung (see videos below).

The interest in the Osteology Foundation by Korean as well as other Asian researchers and practitioners was great. Many visited the Osteology Foundation booth in the industrial exhibition area to learn more about the Foundation's activities, contents and congresses.

The Osteology Foundation is very happy about the coll­aborative education event with KAOMI, which took place for the first time. Both, Mariano Sanz and Ronald E. Jung, explained that such collaborations are very important for the Osteology Foundation. To hear their complete statements about the collaboration with the KAOMI watch the video below. Already during the congress, delegations of the two organisations met, and discussed about a possible future collaboration, and agreed to work on a concept to repeat the joint event in two years.

The Osteology Foundation thanks the KAOMI, namely the Chair of the congress, Jeonghye Kim, as well as the past and new presidents of the KAOMI, Hwan-Ho Yeo and Young Ku, and also the local organisers and everybody involved, for the opportunity and for making the whole event a huge success!


Osteology and KAOMI joint meeting in Seoul 2018 - the videos

Mariano Sanz and Ronald E. Jung about the joint Meeting

Workshop by Ronald E. Jung

Workshop by Mariano Sanz