Osteology Foundation @ AAP Annual Meeting

From 2 - 5 November 2019 the AAP met for its 105th Annual Meeting in Chicago, the hometown of the AAP. The Osteology Foundation was present with a regeneration symposium, an education and networking event and the leadership teams of both organisations met to discuss future collaborations.

On Saturday, 2 November, the meeting started. Bryan Frantz, president of the AAP, welcomed the participants and the two moderators William V. Giannobile, President of the Osteology Foundation and Pamela K. McClain, Board member of the Osteology Foundation, opened the joint session. The session was entitled "Osteology Foundation/AAP Foundation/AAP Regeneration Symposium: Implant Complications: Etiology, Prevention, and Management" and included presentations by recognised specialists. Gustavo Avila-Ortiz, Frank Schwarz, Purnima Kumar and Paul S. Rosen gave attendees deep insights into the topic.

Future collaborations

An important milestone for the future collaboration between the organisations was the meeting of the leadership teams of the AAP and the Osteology Foundation. They explored different opportunities of working together and worked on a strategy for long-term collaboration. The aim is to use their common strengths to further promote the exchange of knowledge in the field of oral regeneration between researchers and practitioners.

Going Digital

The last activity of the Osteology Foundation at the AAP Annual meeting was the Education & Networking Event at the VenueSix10 on Saturday evening. Under the motto "Going Digital", more than 500 participants were given an insight into the latest technological possibilities in the field of medicine and how they could be applied in practice in the future by the speaker Rafael Grossmann. At the following dinner, the participants let the day end and were able to discuss different current topics among themselves.