Osteology Foundation at AAP Congress in Boston

A joint session by the AAP, the AAP Foundation, and the Osteology Foundation took place during the annual meeting of the AAP in Boston in September this year. It was the second time that such a collaborative education event took place.


More than 600 participants attended the joint symposium, which was fully booked. Presentations were given by Daniel Buser, Switzerland, Sonia Leziy, Canada, Marc Nevins, USA, and Mariano Sanz, Spain. Osteology Foundation Board Members Pamela K. McClain, who is also past-president of the AAP, and Mariano Sanz chaired the excellent session with a programme covering different aspects of Hard and Soft Tissue Regeneration around Teeth and Implants.

The annual symposium of the AAP is always a big event attracting periodontists from all-over North-America, but also many interested experts from all-over the world. Many other familiar faces from the Osteology Foundation’s global network were involved into the programme too, such as current and past Board Members William Giannobile, Istvan Urban, Myron Nevins, and Expert Council Members Gustavo Avila-Ortiz, Darnell Kaigler, Rodrigo Neiva, Hector F. Rios, Irena Sailer, and Diego Velasquez.

Furthermore, Seiko Min, an Osteology Research Academy Alumni, received the prestigious Bud and Linda Tarrson Award from the AAP Foundation. Congratulations!

In 2018, the Osteology Foundation will be present in the USA with its own symposium, which will take place in Phoenix on 9-10 February 2018. The programme consists of lectures, practical workshops, and a poster and research session. Renowned national and international experts will be presenting, such as Christer Dahlin, Sweden, Maurício Araujo, Todd Scheyer, Daniel Thoma, Frank Schwarz, Michael McGuire, William Giannobile, Pamela K. McClain, Craig Misch, Marc Nevins, Paul Rosen, Hom-Lay Wang, Gustavo Avila-Ortiz, Kirk Pasquinelli, Sonja Leziy, and Diego Velasquez. 

Detailed information about Osteology Phoenix 2018 can be found online. Registration is open. Participants registering before early bird deadline on 30 November 2017, benefit from a 100 US$ discount.