Osteology Foundation at the 2nd Urban Regeneration Symposium

For the second time, the Urban International Hard and Soft Tissue Regeneration Symposium took place from 17 – 20 October in Budapest. As Scientific Partner of the symposium, the Foundation contributed to the top-class program with a lecture by the President of the Osteology Foundation, William V. Giannobile.

For some of the 600+ participants from all over the world, the symposium started on Thursday and they had the opportunity to attend various practical workshops. The main symposium began on Friday, 18 November. The host and Osteology Foundation Board member, Istvan Urban, opened the completely sold out symposium in the city centre of historic Vigadó.

“Regenerative Medicine for Periodontal and Implant Reconstruction: The Future is Now!”

In his presentation on Friday afternoon, William V. Giannobile reviewed emerging therapies in the areas of materials science, 3D printing, growth factor biology and cell therapies. He presented results from preclinical and clinical trials using stem cells, 3D printing and growth factors, and concluded with a future perspective on the use of novel biomimetic approaches such biomimetic scaffolding materials with the potential to accelerate dental implant osseointegration and periodontal tissue repair.

And thus another Collaborative Education Event was brought to a close. Thank you to the organisers for this great event.

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