Osteology Research Scholars and their experiences

The end of 2019 saw two Osteology Research Scholars successfully complete their one-year scholarships. Maria Elisa Galarraga Vinueza comes from Ecuador and was a Scholar in Frankfurt, and Georgios Antonoglou from Greece was a Scholar in Madrid. Both scholars and their mentors, Frank Schwarz and Mariano Sanz, looked back on the year with great experiences, fruitful moments and the beginning of a lifetime friendship between the scholars and mentors, research team and clinicians.

In November last year, Frank Schwarz, Executive Board Member and mentor to Maria Elisa Galarraga Vinueza, spoke about the Osteology Research Scholarship in Frankfurt in general and his own major achievement with this programme. In Frankfurt, there is a major focus on the aetiology and the treatment of peri-implant diseases. The Scholars there receive great support from experienced staff and Frank Schwarz himself as their mentor to further improve scientific work on this specific topic. It can be either preclinical or clinical work. His Scholar Maria worked in the field of peri-implant diseases. With the completion of her Scholarship at the end of 2019, she was able to collect data for about six to seven publications. Watch the full video of Frank Schwarz talking about the Osteology Research Scholarship in Frankfurt in general and his own major highlight about this programme and his latest Scholar Maria.



“Thank you for the best year of my life”

The Osteology Foundation was also able to talk to Maria about the best year of her life. The opportunity to attend the International Osteology Symposium in Barcelona gave her the chance to build relationships that are a key aspect of her career. She learned to challenge herself and to overcome difficulties and now loves science more than ever. She is extremely motivated to continue her research projects at home in Ecuador, under the guidance of her mentor Frank Schwarz. She truly hopes to retain her close relationship with the Osteology Foundation during her academic career, to carry out amazing projects in South America and promote the Foundation's remarkable mission. She holds her mentor in high esteem and he in return challenged, supported, motivated and trusted her every day. To the question about what she would do differently if she could start the Osteology Scholarship programme again, she answered: “I wouldn’t change anything of this experience, I enjoyed every moment of this year. If I could, I would repeat everything again, without changing anything.” Difficult situations she faced during that year made her better and stronger.   


Maria Elisa Galarraga Vinueza at the International Osteology Symposia Barcelona (left) and with Frank Schwarz and the whole Team in Frankfurt (right).

A “spectacular” mentor and research team

Georgios Antonoglou, the Scholar based in Madrid, gave us some remarkable feedback about his one-year Scholarship with his mentor Mariano Sanz. “The benefits are impossible to be articulated in words”, he said. Georgios gained experience in various research projects and refined his skills in planning and organising these projects. He mentioned:"Its an honour being taught by world-renowned experts and most importantly, developing excellent relationships and friendships that will last in time and yield more collaborations in the future”. ‘Spectacular’ was the word he used to describe his mentor, his research team and the working atmosphere. He never dreamed that it could be as great as this. Georgios could hardly find a single point he would change if he could do the year again.


Georgios Antonoglou at the laboratory in Madrid (left) and with Mario Romandini - PhD Candidate at the Complutense University of Madrid and Osteology Grant Recipient in 2015/16 (right).

Further information about the Osteology Research Scholarships and the next application deadline of 15 February on our website. 

We look forward to receiving your applications and hope to see you soon as one of the Osteology Research Scholars!